September 2, 2015 Mahesh & Kartik

Growth Hacking Through Helping Out

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Do you think Growth Hacking is only for start-ups? It’s not; any smart entrepreneur could use a Growth Hacking strategy in many creative ways. Let’s have a look.
Growth Hacking and how ‘being helpful’ is an innovative way to engage with potential customers and grow your business.

Adapt early, Grow wisely

There is a way to stand out in the crowded service marketplace. To do so, service companies and freelancers must be open to adapting to trending growth strategies and channels.

Growth hacking is possible in a connected world where new market opportunities are always out there. You’ll have to think creatively, persistently focus on growth ideas, learn to automate metrics analysis, use platforms and tools meaningfully.

The most common marketing problems are:

  • No budget allocated for Marketing
  • No traditional marketing background

One way to achieve marketing goals is to help customers directly through various online service platforms; this will increase the chances of getting noticed by other potential customers.

More importantly, the above problems can be addressed by adapting trending strategies and taking innovative decisions at the right time.

Be a differentiator in the sales world.
Today’s customers are jaded. They have heard (or believe they have) every sales pitch, plus, they are bombarded with ads that actually follow them around 24/7. In such a marketplace, what makes you different?

Here’s a suggestion, try to be a little more ‘buddy’ and a little less sales; to put it another way, and sorry for being blunt, a little less mouth and a little more ear.

Think about it, if your other marketing is done right, the customer has already found you, they know (or perceive) that you’re good, that you’re professional, and depending on your line of work/website/brand, they may already be ok with your prices.

So their logical decisions have already been made! Now help them make the emotional decision; a tough sell for any advertising campaign, particularly on a low budget. Regardless, traditional marketing often doesn’t tell the customer that “we can help you out” or very importantly, “we want to help you out!”

Competitive Advantages
Businesses may find they have forgotten something – the fact that it’s about fulfilling a customer’s need, not the companies. Think back to basics: why do people buy? According to, it’s often because of face to face or similar interaction. Gene Marks offers a compelling reason, that because after a customer has engaged with you, the next communication is not from a stranger, it’s from: “A real human being with a face, name, personality, kids and a vacation to Disney that you’re still paying off.”
‘Trust’ is the best word for this; easy to build face to face, hard to achieve in an online world. However, there are ways to ‘simulate’ it.

Think like a growth hackers
Start by offering free consultations to new customers. You have the skills and the service, so get your audience to engage with you on how to best make use of it. “We do that already” I hear you say. Do you?

Some examples of businesses helping out their prospects: providing free consulting, user testing and mobile wireframes. Of course, service providers could think strategically and offer something usefully to build engaging customers.

And always start thinking creatively about how to spread the word about your helpful offers and how to reach out customers. Let’s see a few resources:

  • Growth hacking platform
  • Making use of existing platform or businesses is a smart way to scale up your own brand and grow your business. Start thinking of ways to associate or collaborate with other relevant businesses or platforms.

    The best example of platform hack: In 2005, Youtube took a wise decision to use MySpace as a platform of reaching its target users and that worked it.

  • Growth hacking tools
  • If you want to leverage growth hacking strategies; you must have growth hacking tools for a better strategic result. Optimizing your growth hacking tools can make or break your marketing endeavor. Examples of Growth Hacking Tools

  • Growth hacking blog
  • A comprehensive blog is a perfect way of getting your brand across and demonstrate knowledge. But it’s important, not to treat it like a web page; you’re not selling – you’re informing. Inform them properly and they’ll take a step closer to you.

Treehouse is one of the businesses that used a blog as a growth hacking strategy and succeeded.
Treehouse’s CEO Ryan Carson said:

“I definitely believe what Brad Felt said about the best way to do marketing is through thought leadership. We do a lot of let’s write about interesting things on the cutting edge, let’s teach interesting things, let’s be seen as the experts, let’s be seen as helping people.”

Like all of the best strategies, good marketing is never just one thing. It’s a ‘hybrid approach’ of individual marketing pieces.

Think of better engagement as being like free information that your customers volunteer. As Kevin Dewalt put it:

“Being helpful is like inbound Customer Development.”

Better engagement also puts you in a better position to spot new trends and services that your customers may be interested in.

So remember; people like to deal with people, to form relationships. They will remember those who have helped them in some way. This is especially true if you have helped them to grow their business, you added to their success. That will increase your chance of referrals to your customer’s network. Isn’t that the way business should be done?

  • Craig

    This had been so helpful and I love the fact that it is straight forward with its content. I strongly agree that there are things that we can do to apply this. Interaction is the key to get more audience and possible customer as well.

  • Oakley Summer

    Thank you for sharing and I am interested to learn more about it on how I can apply it to my business. I know there are more that I need to know, but thank you again for sharing this for free.

  • Francis M.

    Teaching others and sharing your knowledge is one way to get loyal followers. I am happy that I was able to read this post about Growth hacking and to be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard about it. So there should be no excuse of not getting your target as there are a lot of ways to achieve it.